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sustainability for all



We endeavour to carry out our development, management, and operation in a sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion. Sustainability has many definitions but we believe it consists of more than just environmental issues. We focus on sustainability based on the environmental, social, and economic pillars.


Environmental Sustainability

Priory endeavours to source our ingredients from local suppliers & producers. We prepare and serve our food every day in our kitchen on site. By choosing local suppliers and producers we strive to keep our carbon footprint as low as we can.


When it comes to our packaging and disposable materials, we investigate the most environmentally friendly options and aim to use recyclable, sustainable, or compostable materials wherever possible.


Our take-away cups are 100% compostable and is no ordinary cup! The wood pulp is from a sustainable source and the lining is made from plants, not oil. That makes it suitable for domestic or commercial composting. Not only that, it is a guaranteed Irish product!


Social sustainability

Social sustainability is the ability to develop resources and facilities which not only meet the needs of the current community but also support the ability of future generations to maintain a healthy social environment and community. It is very important to us that we support the local and wider community. By renovating and opening stores on the main streets of small and medium towns we are bring business back into the local community and creating a place for the community to meet and enjoy. We are dedicated to the sustainability of our local towns and communities.


We support and sponsor local events in the area such as sporting events, clubs & societies, charity events, and art, design, & music, etc. We are available as a venue for clubs and associations to meet, just let us know and we will help arrange what you require. While our premises may be limited in size we will do our best to accommodate in any way we can.


We will also need your help to maintain this social sustainability! Please support us! Keep supporting local businesses and shop in our towns and main streets! We look forward to seeing you!


Economic sustainability

Okay, we know this is the money part.. However we can not have a business without some talk of finances so we, of course, want to be economically sustainable. We want to stay busy in our towns providing a super service (and great coffee and food too!) However, what we do will also sustain our local producers, suppliers, staff, crafts people, and by extension, sustain our wider towns and communities.


By making our towns and main streets vibrant and bustling, and by providing employment and opportunities, we will bring business back to towns, and with an exciting and active centre, our communities will thrive. We support many local initiatives and social endeavours to bring people together, and foster and promote connections and friendships between people and groups.


It is through teamwork and local community that true economic sustainability can be achieved for us all.