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Priory Coffee Co. Menu

 North Main Street, Cork City




  1. Yogurt Pot

  2. Granola Pot

  3. Porridge

  4. Smashed avocado on toast

  5. Omelettes:

  • Ham, onions, scallions, scamorza cheese;

  • Gubbeen Chorizo, red pesto, lombardy peppers, rocket, goats cheese;

  • Green pesto, spinach, onion, lompardy peppers, feta;


  1. Reuben: mayo, relish, scallions, pastrami, sauerkraut, emmental;

  2. Classic: mayo, relish, red onion, ham, tomatoes, emmental, caramelised onion marmalade;

  3. Smoked chicken: green pesto, chicken, jalapeno relish, smoked scamorza;

  4. Gubbeen chorizo: red pesto, gubbeen chorizo, lombardy peppers, rocket, mozzarella;

  5. Goat’s cheese: goat’s cheese, relish, scallions, beetroot, rocket, tomatoes;

  6. Veggie ploughmans: caramelised onion marmalade, scallions, red onion, beetroot, rocket, emmental;


  1. Smashed avocado, rocket, lombardy peppers, feta, balsamic vinegar;

  2. Hoisin glazed chicken, rocket, scallions, mozzarella;

  3. Goat’s cheese, gubbeen chorizo, spinach, balsamic;

  4. Mayo, relish, scallions, spiced pastrami, lombardy peppers, mozzarella;





All primary ALLERGENS are present in our kitchen. We are unable to guarantee that food served is 100% free of allergens due to the size of our kitchen. Separate list of allergens available on request.